HVAC Service - Installations, Repairs, Maintenance Plans

Expert Technical Services is dedicated to ensuring the total comfort of your home atmosphere. We have a wide range of services and products to help achieve that balance.

Buying the perfect HVAC system for your house can be tough, there are a number of factors that contribute to optimal performace of your units. Luckily we provide a No Obligation 100% Free In-Home Evaluation where we assess the following factors:

  • home size
  • number of windows
  • number of bedrooms
Upon completion of this assesment we will provide a report card with your home statistics, and any products and/or services we may recommend.

Expert Technical Services is committed to providing honest, trustworthy service that you will want to tell your neighbours about!

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Heil Furnace
Products Services
  • Furnaces
  • Water Heaters
  • Roof-Top Units


We install furnaces in new homes, as well as retro-fitting old home. All installations are done as per the current HVAC codes, and are inspected by the City of Calgary with a 99% pass rate.

Our installation service also covers all types of hot water tanks (tankless/conventional).


Our technicians service all makes and models of furnaces, floor/wall heaters, and hot water tanks.

Inspection & Cleaning

Due to the nature of large, gas-burning home appliances it is recommended that you have it inspected at some point during the season for things such as:
  • fluxuations in gas pressure
  • carbon/dirt build-up
  • loosened connections (due to vibration)
  • heat exchanger cracks
  • dirty flame sensor/pilot light
  • malfunctioning safety features
  • reductions to air flow
Our Preventative Maintenance (inspection/cleaning) service will check for all of these things and ensure your appliance is running smoothly all season long.

We offer a wide range of HeilŪ home heating products.


Heil Air-Conditioner
Products Services


We install all kinds of air-conditioning units. Whether you want to cool a room, hall-way, your entire home, or an office building, we have got what you need.


We service all makes and models of the air conditioning units listed above

Because most air-conditioning units require at least half its parts to remain out doors, there are critical and often unpredictable factors that may lead to an Air-Conditioner service:

  • damage to refrigerant lines (people, pets, hail, snow, ect...)
  • dust/dirt/leaves blocking intake
  • lightening strikes

While these problems may lead to a costly service, there are more cost effective Preventative Maintenance options out there.

At Expert Technical Services we want to help you maintain your unit while being as frugal as possible. Our Preventative Maintenance service includes an Inspection and Cleaning of both the inside and outside components, covering all of the following:

  • leaking refrigerant lines
  • too much/too little refrigerant
  • worn out contactor
  • removal of environmental debris
  • cleaning of the coil
  • fixing bent/damaged lines


  • Main and sub-surface upgrades
  • Tenant Improvement
  • Re-wiring
  • Additional outlets
  • Lighting
  • Telephone/Data cable installations
  • + more

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Building Controls

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Free In-Home Evaluation

We value face-to-face interaction because we know you have many questions regarding an HVAC system or service which cannot be answered online.

An in home evaluation will allow us to assess your situation and get professional answeres to all your questions. Please Contact Us to book an appointment!